Willow Springs -- a place of magic and adventure

If you have been here, you know the smell of the ponderosa pines when the sun hits their bark. If you have been here, you can hear the sounds of camp songs in the wind. If you have been here, the trail has felt your footsteps. If you have been here you have been visited by the mule deer. If you have been here before...we will see you again.
We miss you. Come back soon!

It's a Fairy Frenzy for Week 8

It's our final week and the last campfire for the summer was held last night. It was a bittersweet feeling while we sang songs, told stories, and performed skits.

Here the CIT's introduced themselves with their new camp names. 
The Cocopah girls spent the time after dinner running around in the field playing a game of elbow tag. 
The Dream of 90's girls had a music lesson this afternoon with Biggie. They are coming up with a tune to play at the end of camp altogether. 
One of the characters in the Dream of the 90's original song, Fuzzy Jo Jackson, is seen here preparing for rehearsal.

This morning we had some thunder, rain, and lightning to light up the sky. Let's hope for more to get our creek running.  

After visiting a farm, the Earth Benders started planting their own garden

The Ultimate Art Experience girls continue to work on the mural. 

And they took a trip to Arcosanti this morning to visit with the artists who cast bells.

Weekend Wonderland!

We had a fantastic time this past weekend making all kinds of food. From S'mores to a top chef cook off, everyone had a blast and enjoyed the wonderful outcome. Check out the photos!

 The Family Camp folks created mini campfires and toasted marshmallows to make some s'mores.

The Culinary Questors are currently on a camping trip cooking delicious food over a campfire, but this weekend they held a Top Chef cookoff. Here they are cooking at their best!

Ready, Set, Go! Wild Wednesday

Busy, busy, busy that's how we like to keep it here at Willow. So many stories and exciting adventures are creating fantastic memories. 

After doing some research, the Ultimate Art Experience girls are working together to complete their tile mosaic mural.

On Stage campers are having a blast during a dance routine with Daisy. 

They were also found in the fiber's room putting together costumes. 

Spirited Away got tech fancy by pulling out the projector and learning more about healthy food options. 

The CIT's were caught in the ceramics studio making mugs.

And the Hualapai girls experienced life in the trees right before zipping back down to Earth. 

Tropical Night Paradise!

We had a blast last night at our Grand Luau. Face painting, hula dancing, limbo, volleyball, and oh so much more.

 We gathered materials for decorating the dining hall with jelly fish.

 Face painting! These two tigers were excited to dance around as an animal.

Tie Die, Ceramics, Archery, and More!

For the past few days we have been so busy with fun activities. The Culinary Questors are cooking up a storm, On Stage is preparing for their big show, Wheel It has been throwing all morning, and the Ulitmate Art Experience is finalizing their mural design. Check out the photos below!

 Wheel It girls take to the pottery wheel!
And sometimes they work on their handbuliding skills too.

Ultimate Art Experience campers spend some time shooting at balloons during archery.

 Our  CIT's group up and develop
Magic Spell girls work hard completing their spell books

and their magic wands too!

Nothing says camp like some tie die!

After making lotions, the Navajo girls made candles
While the Spirited Away girls worked on their best cheer leading skills. 

 Cocopah campers made taffy while the Hualapai campers worked on journals.

And here is the Ultimate Art Experience girls planning their mural design using technology as reference materials. 

 The Ultimate Art Experience girls took a trip into town to visit other murals as examples.
Here is a mural depicting historical context behind Prescott. 

And another mural representing written text, stories, and books behind the library.

Birthdays at camp are well celebrated!