Willow Springs -- a place of magic and adventure

If you have been here, you know the smell of the ponderosa pines when the sun hits their bark. If you have been here, you can hear the sounds of camp songs in the wind. If you have been here, the trail has felt your footsteps. If you have been here you have been visited by the mule deer. If you have been here before...we will see you again.
We miss you. Come back soon!

Spring Break Camp 2015 has begun!!

It has been a wonderful day!!! All the campers moved into their cabins, learned more about camp, met new girls and had an awesome dinner of Penne Pasta and Salad Bar. We ended the night with a Campfire and the girls are now going to sleep...the night was fantastic, the sky full of stars. We will post pictures as we take them.
Good night to all.

It's a Fairy Frenzy for Week 8

It's our final week and the last campfire for the summer was held last night. It was a bittersweet feeling while we sang songs, told stories, and performed skits.

Here the CIT's introduced themselves with their new camp names. 
The Cocopah girls spent the time after dinner running around in the field playing a game of elbow tag. 
The Dream of 90's girls had a music lesson this afternoon with Biggie. They are coming up with a tune to play at the end of camp altogether. 
One of the characters in the Dream of the 90's original song, Fuzzy Jo Jackson, is seen here preparing for rehearsal.

This morning we had some thunder, rain, and lightning to light up the sky. Let's hope for more to get our creek running.  

After visiting a farm, the Earth Benders started planting their own garden

The Ultimate Art Experience girls continue to work on the mural. 

And they took a trip to Arcosanti this morning to visit with the artists who cast bells.